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A Weekend Guide to New York City!

A Weekend Guide to New York City!

New York City – the Big Apple, the City of Dreams, the City that never sleeps, and a Concrete Jungle. Call it what you want, but New York City is truly the greatest. It is one such place that you could never completely capture through words, colors, or even lenses. It has to be felt deep in your bones and heart. 

So when you decide to venture here over your weekend, you don’t need us to tell you how confusing and overwhelming it can be. Especially if it’s your first time here. What to choose? Where to go? Who to trust? How to get the best out of your trip? All these questions plague your mind. 

But don’t worry. That’s exactly why we are here. This weekend guide will help you plan your epic trip and give you the best tips and suggestions for exploring your dream city – New York!




Empire State Building


There’s a lot to capture in New York City, and obviously, you can’t see it all in a 2-day span. However, there are a few sights in New York that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss! 

For instance, the awe-inspiring panorama from an equally spectacular Empire State Building. While here, you can climb up to the popular 86th floor, which provides a 360-degree view of New York, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Beware though, sometimes the place can get real jam tight. 

So if you want a little more spaced, almost private view, you could splurge a little and climb all the way up to the 102nd floor!


Central Park 


Central Park


The next place that no visitor to New York should miss is Grand Central Park. Lying between the Upper West and Upper East Side of Manhattan, it is the fifth-largest park in the city, spread over almost 843 acres. 

From French and Italian-styled gardens to mind-blowing waterworks, sculpture gardens, and more, there’s just so much to witness and love at Central Park!


Staten Island Ferry Ride


Staten Island Ferry


Known for its 24-hour free service, the Staten Island Ferry Ride is one amazing experience to undertake. You can start your ride from the St. George terminal at Staten Island and reach your destination at Whitehall, Manhattan. Or you could take the trip the other way around. Really, whatever works for you!

Now, this ride offers some truly spectacular visions for your eyes to feast on – the famous Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Center, the Hudson River, New Jersey, and finally the Statue of Liberty. All of this in just a span of 25-30 minutes. So if you can, try to add this ferry ride to your NYC bucket list!


Street Food – Pretzels, Hot Dogs and More!


Hot Dog Stand


You haven’t really experienced New York City if you haven’t ventured out into its streets and braved some really wonderful and creative food items available there.

Just stop at any hotdog or pretzel stand, and gift yourself the quintessential experience of being in New York! While you are at it, visit the Chinatown in Queens and Little Italy to taste some mind-blowing dishes. 


Street Art 


Street Art in New York City


Since we are talking about the streets, we really can’t ‘not’ talk about the art present there. From the Welling Court Mural Project in Astoria to the Freeman Alley on the Lower East Side, there is an overwhelming number of streets covered in colors and paints in New York. 

The art on these streets vibrates and pulsates with life and will leave you feeling exhilarated the whole time. 



Designer Clothes, fabulous jewelry, funky vintage, fine furniture, and more – there’s nothing that you cannot thrift for in New York City. 

You could visit the Chelsea Market and wander into the Artists & Fleas. Buy everything you need and don’t need over there. Or you could go to Bushwick, a trendy area flooded with nearly not-enough quirky thrift shops!


Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square


New York Times Square


Before you finish your trip and head back home, make sure that you’ve covered these two iconic places from your list. 

Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge at night is an absolute must experience for anyone visiting New York City for the first time. It’s fun, free, and offers the perfect views of the skyline and river!

Then visit Times Square. Flooded with street performers and huge billboards lit up 24/7, this place is certainly something. Wander along the street here and sink in the feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself. Most of the places here are tourist traps, so beware. 

Just drown in the feeling and get out of there. On the way, stop by the Theatre district and catch a show if you want. Most shows will require pre-booking though. So make sure you’ve got your ticket before you venture in.


In the End

New York City is a way of life. Don’t get too caught up in ticking all the “must-visit” places off your list. Instead, take a deep breath and make New York City your own!

We hope our list has helped you sort out your priorities and plan your perfect trip. For more guides and tips like this, visit our website!