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5 Unexplored Spain Destinations That Perfect Your Week

Destinations In Spain That Perfect Your Week

SPAIN, the name itself, evokes so many visuals. It has been home to excellence, from the entire football fleet to gorgeous landscapes and incredible food. But in a city that holds so much history, landscapes, and delicacies, planning just a week can be overwhelming. 

A holiday should ideally be a balance of every aspect that a place has to offer. Likewise, Spain offers a wide range of incredible views and cuisines.

Let’s begin with 5 destinations that make your week in Spain unforgettable.

Let’s Begin With The Football Paradise: Madrid.

Destinations In Spain That Perfect Your Week

Madrid is not just a home to football fans, but it holds a world of magnificence. If you are not too jet-lagged, we recommend you explore the city on the first day.

Metros are readily available that take you around the city and help you see extravagance and culture. Places like Prado Museum and El Restaro are great options for your morning sprees.

You can take the evening light by a quiet walk by the parks or an early dinner at one of the coziest outside restaurants. Although Madrid is a city that never sleeps, you have great clubs like Gran Via or take a tour of culture, food, and great music with a Tapas tour in Barrio de la teras.

–whatever your preference, Madrid has something to offer everyone!

Trek In Rural Catalonia

Destinations In Spain That Perfect Your Week

Do you like trekking? How about taking a trek in rural Catalonia’s most adventurous landscaping views? Something that not many people prefer but are an absolute must. This classic amalgamation of culture and beauty with the old mountains and monasteries.

Monuments like Montserrat Monestry, dating back to the 11th century, hold a vibrant heritage few people know of. Taking a little detour from the regular hustle of the city can be an exceptionally rejuvenating experience for you.

–Holidays should be distinct and memorable; this trek will ensure that for you!

Bike Tour In Barcelona

Destinations In Spain That Perfect Your Week

We aren’t keeping you away from the regulars. Barcelona thrives in every footballer’s heart. But it’s not just Messi that Barcelona offers. The city is filled with classic gothic architecture and markets that acquaint you with Catalan cuisine.

It is home to the great Picasso museum, which is hard to miss for any art connector. Apart from being the cultural capital, Barcelona offers excellent parks and churches. You can easily take a tour and visit the best of Barcelona in a day. 

with gorgeous beaches and cruises, Barcelona can be a perfect place for someone special! 

Witness The White Village

Destinations In Spain That Perfect Your Week

Just as the name suggests, serenity lies in the heart of Spain. The white village is a prime example of how divinity confluences in a breathtaking landscape. The white town is a treat for the explorer in you.

Locally known as the Pueblos Blancos, the white village is a part of Andalusia, a cluster of beautiful white towns that give this spectacular country a new dimension altogether.

Picture perfect views, outstanding local cuisine, and a bright day, this place has it all. It’sIt’s a less explored visitor’s paradise beaming with nature, architecture, and culture all at once.

–if you are looking for a never-before experience, this is it! 

Experience The Unique Bilbao Architecture 

Destinations In Spain That Perfect Your Week

How can your trip to Spain be complete without witnessing the jaw-dropping modern architecture? This city offers a splendid showcase of skill and perfection. It has you completely mesmerized with all its modern architecture and delicious cuisines.

The old port city holds its excellence in its museums and restaurants. The unique Guggenheim Museum will have you spellbound the moment you arrive. A visit to the market, parks, and beautiful bridges is a must.

keeping your cameras around your neck would be ideal so that you don’t miss out on any of these beautiful sights!

In the end,

A country like Spain demands much more than a week, but planning numerous weekly trips might be a great alternative to this problem. It is home to the greatest football players and teams and has been awed by fans worldwide. Apart from them, it is a place with all the nature, architecture and culture lovers.

Spanish cuisines have a respective fanbase altogether. But, in its entirety, this country holds an exceptional mix of everything. No matter where you go, it leaves you mesmerized!

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