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9 Tips for Going to a Bar Alone for Solo Travellers

9 Tips for Going to a Bar Alone for Solo Travellers

One of the tricky parts of traveling is filling up time on the ‘got-nothing-planned’ evenings. Even more so if the trip is solo. Usually, on days like this, you’re tired from all the traveling and exploring, but there’s so much of the locality that you want to look at. 

Ah… the misery! 

That said, on such evenings, the best way to both fill up your time and engage with the local culture is to go to a bar. Bars are the best places to let loose. They have a very efficient mantra working for their success: Feel great, carry less luggage, and meet varied, interesting people! 

So, the next time you are traveling solo and you decide to explore the local pub, here are 9 tips for going to a bar alone for solo travelers.


Tip Number #1 – Try a Hotel Bar

Sometimes, you don’t have the energy to visit a local bar. During such times, a hotel bar is a great alternative. It’s relatively safer to visit, and you may get to meet fellow travelers as well as locals. A hotel bar is also a great place to experiment with different kinds of cocktails that are specific to the area you’re visiting!


Tip Number #2 – Avoid Peak Hours at the Bar

Any local bar or a hotel bar, when traveling solo, will ‌make you feel lonely during their peak hours. So, the best time to visit a bar is right before rush hour. You can enjoy the ambiance of the bar far better, and it’s a great way to enjoy some alone time while being outside!


Tip Number #3 – Make Friends With The Bartender


9 Tips for Going to a Bar Alone for Solo Travellers


Ask the bartender about their shift. Or get their recommendation on drinks if you’re feeling experimental. The bartender can help you get rid of any unwanted attention. And, the bartender probably has many interesting stories you can listen to. Don’t forget to tip your bartender well before you leave!


Tip Number #4 – Don’t Bring Anyone Back

Make friends with people you meet at the bar, but don’t bring them back to where you’re staying. This obviously is a matter of safety, especially while traveling solo. If you enter the bar alone, then you should leave the bar alone. Don’t share any information about your accommodation with any new friends that you might’ve made. At least, not yet.


Tip Number #5 – Ensure Someone Knows Your Location

Share your location (either live or the location of the bar) with someone you trust. This is another matter of safety. Traveling solo comes with risks, and letting someone you trust know where you are is a great way to take care of yourself. Share your location with a friend or a relative (even if they’re not with you on the trip). Or share it with any person who you think can help you if need be.


Tip Number #6 – Don’t Drink Too Much

You can have a drink or two while you’re at the bar. But try to limit it. In fact, try to drink less than your usual. You can respond to any unexpected situations that might arise at the bar far more confidently if you’re a little in your senses.


9 Tips for Going to a Bar Alone for Solo Travellers


Tip Number #7 – Don’t Carry A Purse

Going to a bar with your luggage is a sure way to have a horrible time. Pack a single card with you, one ID, and some cash to the bar. Don’t bring your passport. Never bring your passport. This way, you have a good time without constant worrying, and you stay safe while doing so. It’s a win-win y’all!


Tip Number #8 – Keep Your Expectations Low

Keep your expectations about the place low. Keep your expectations of the experience low, so you can have a good time. Yes, bars are usually exciting, but that won’t always be the case. A bare minimum isn’t always bad. Sometimes all you need from a bar is the bare minimum.


Tip Number #9 – Engage With People

To engage with the local culture, you need to speak to people who live there. You can start conversations with people you find safe at the bar. You can ask them for more places to visit, the best dishes to try, or even a recommendation of an entirely different destination altogether. 


9 Tips for Going to a Bar Alone for Solo Travellers


In The End –

The most important tip for going to a bar alone, for solo travelers, is to stay safe, engage with others, and not forget to have fun. A bar can be a fascinating place in how much it reveals about the culture it’s stationed in. So ‌try to not skip it! 

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