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6 Foods You Can’t Miss In New York

6 Foods You Can’t Miss In New York

A trip is never just about the beautiful landscapes and incredible skylines. Especially for foodies, the takeaway from every journey is about great food and, more importantly, the extensive variety. 

When we think of New York City, we automatically imagine the busiest roads, traffic, people walking to their offices and homes, and an ultimate city that moves so fast that it could leave you behind if you don’t catch up. 

Food is a global language. How can New York leave it out? Traditionally, we have all seen the spur of hot dogs, pizzas, and falafel being on every New Yorker’s list, and we recommend it as well.

New York has been a hub for fancy food and Michelin star restaurants, but it has also catered to the less fancy audience for almost forever.

So let’s dive into the ultimate list that has to make space in your New York Travel itinerary.


Traditional Hand-rolled Bagels

Foods You Can’t Miss In New York

Let’s begin with breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Whether you are in New York for the first time or keep visiting, a bagel can never skip your meal. It is the most ideal and delicious way to begin your day. 

They are so easy that you can have them on the go. You don’t have to set time aside for them. If you slept in and missed your breakfast buffet, you can quickly get a bagel with some cream cheese on top and get going! You might want to watch out for some crumbs; rest, you’re sorted!

While you can have them everywhere in all the cafes, our favorites are the traditional hand-rolled ones you find at Murray’s Bagels. It is on 500 Sixth avenue, a cozy cafe that offers excellent variants and a must-visit ambiance.


Luscious Sandwiches 

We all agreed with Joey when he said sandwiches are the best thing in the world. And if you still don’t agree, we guarantee you’ll never miss a sandwich time in New York once you try it here. 

A filling breakfast, brunch, or lunch option provides a power-packed taste with ultimate satisfaction. It is a must-try on your first New York trip, and it would be a pilgrimage you don’t let anyone miss for the rest of your travels.

A good pastrami sandwich is huge and filling, so sharing might be a great idea. It would be easy on your pocket and your taste buds. While at it, you might also like corned beef combined with a Russian dressing, and you would never forget the taste. 

we suggest, unlike Joey, you should share it with your best friend this time and not just a bite!


Melt In Your Mouth Barbeques

Must try food in NewYork

Your weekend brunches are incomplete without a good barbecue. Despite its reputation for meat, we rarely hear about barbecues in New York. 

Places like these are special, they’re rare, they’re hard to come by, and they’re even difficult to find! 

–finding Waldo is easier, some people said!

The only downside can be the waiting time! What is good taste without waiting for it? A good barbecue can have you and your friends wholly spelled. The top favorite would have to be the Hometown Bar-B-Que. With indoor and outdoor dining and pick-up, they are an ideal must-visit. 

–try their rib roast and brisket; you’ll thank us later!


Intriguing Burgers

NYC is known for its craze for burgers. You can find a joint in every corner. They all have a considerable following, and we recommend trying them out, especially if this is your first visit. Burgers taste different around the world. They are the comfort food of the west.

Tasting the regulars can be fun. But what if we give you an unconventional option. If you have had burgers all your life and think you’re done with them. We say BareBurgers should be your place. Organic elk, bison, or an ostrich egg, you’ll find all unconventional combinations. 

–apart from all the lip-smacking options, their chocolate shake is a must!


Hand-ripped Noodles and Salads 

Who doesn’t love a Chinese meal after a hectic day? It is our go-to guilty pleasure. Ironically authentic Chinese don’t have too much going on. Yet, they have developed numerous versions of their favorite dishes.

One such gem is Xi’an foods. They have the most impeccable menu, with ideal spicy, greasy, and gooey Chinese that we all love. Devouring into a scrumptious meal of hand-ripped noodles along with cumin lamb are my favorites from their menu. They offer a huge variety of Asian salads that you cannot miss.

–With numerous outlets around New York, you have the liberty to visit the closest to you.



Must try foods in NYC

Desserts are an inevitable part of every meal worldwide. But when we talk about New York desserts, we all have the same cheesecake in mind. There is no doubt that New York cheesecakes are to die for!

–don’t believe us? You can ask either Chandler or Rachel! 

Apart from Cheesecakes, New York has a huge variety of mouth-watering pastries and donuts. But have you ever heard of  Cronuts? Interesting right? We recommend you check it out before diving into heavy cream and sugar-laden cheesecake.

Cronuts were invented by a French baker named Dominique Ansel. The flavourful combination of a donut and a croissant is what he calls cronut and is an absolute must-try. It goes great with your Americanos in the morning or even for your late-night snacks.  

–even though the Cronut and other pastries are an absolute delight, we still wouldn’t miss relishing my cheesecake, and you shouldn’t either. 


And finally,

New York is a visitor’s paradise. The nightlife, busy streets, and fragrant food truck corners can spellbind you. If this is your first time, we suggest you try all the regulars like pizzas, Hotdogs, and Ramen. Apart from the food, this city also offers excellent coffee. You are never too far from a good coffee shop in New York. The long walks in Central park or time square are even better with coffee. The list can go on and on!

A single trip won’t ever do justice to the galaxy of food this city offers, but trying a few can give you a head start.

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