About us

About Tech360 LLC www.ridetransferdirect.com

For clients and end users

Using our decades long expertise in the ground transportation sector and combining that with a world class booking and affiliate management platform we have created the worlds largest aggregation platform that circumvents the globe in a multilingual and multi currency environment. This gives you the choice on which affiliate you want to book with, and peace of mind that you are dealing direct with the service provider themselves.

Gone are the days of booking blind and relying on email communications to send ride data to an affiliate, Tech360 will connect you to the vehicle in real-time anywhere on the planet. You can, track your vehicle, receive ride status updates in real-time, and the drivers phone number, photo and vehicle details.

We also track flights in real-time and adjust the arrival time accordingly, saving you time and money.

For affiliate partners

For the first time you can now receive rides with the guarantee of payment, all monies are held in escrow and we will release funds on ride completion. This means that every time you complete a ride on the app the money is instantly dispatched to your bank account. Signup is simple and requires just a few steps to add your prices, we can help, and you could be live offering services in the area you operate.

Use the link at the bottom of the page to signup and we will be in touch with you.