5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Airport Layover

Alone at the airport layover

A layover or a connection between your flights is often annoying and tiring, for no one likes to wait with nothing much in hand to do. But long flights cannot mainly be direct, so this is inevitable if your destination is far. 

Though the airports nowadays are no less than any prestigious malls, with duty-free shops, lounging rooms, and so on, it can still get tiring to be there for too long. Another blessing in disguise that can help you from zoning out is the technology that is fast becoming essential in our lives. So you could always choose to watch a movie, speak with friends and family, browse social media, or more. But if this isn’t something that interests you or happens to wear you after a while, for we humans are made such that we do require a human connection every little time to relax better. 

So if you too find yourself lost during layovers, here are some other suggestions to get you inspired:    



Exercise while layover


If you don’t mind being stared at (for this is something that can get people looking at you every once in a while), you can always stretch, do a few rounds of calisthenics, or strike some yoga poses, or simply meditate for a while. Certain airports also have a gym, but this is something you would have to check upon. But either way, a few stretches will harm no one. 


Get Out of the Airport

Get Out of the Airport while layover

If yours is a long transit (6 hours or more), you can always step out and explore a little; do some sightseeing, or have a bite of the local delicacies. It’s not every day that you get to visit a new city, right? So why not make the most of it! But of course, you have to be mindful of the time. Make sure you get back in time for your pre-boarding formalities, for you wouldn’t want to waste any extra time or money on another seat back home if the flight takes off, leaving you behind.


Get a Game Going

Play games during layover


A good game going is one of the best ways to relax, rejuvenate, enjoy and pass the time. Not only will this help you pass the time but help you to bond and get to know someone better, too, so don’t lose an opportunity to start a light-hearted game with your friends (or even airport strangers). And in case playing with strangers, then it also proves to be an excellent way to get acquainted with someone and make wonderful memories. So create some light versions of specific games and try them out! 


Chat with a Stranger

Chat with strangers during layover


One of the best parts about traveling is meeting new people, hearing about their journeys, and taking back a piece of them with you. So why not do that even at the airport?!

All you have it do to work this plan out is, observe the people and see who would be open to conversing, for not everyone would be willing to do so; some would probably want to relax, read or watch a movie. But once you find them, all you got to do is take a deep breath, put on your biggest, most welcoming smile, and approach them.


Work Remotely

Work during layover


Sure no one likes working during a holiday, or even if it’s a work trip, a while away from it is something we all crave and deserve. Still, you could always strategically time and divide your work such that instead of rushing through everything before you depart, you can keep a few simple tasks such as reviewing, answering emails, etc., to work during these layovers. 

Or you could simply check over and complete the tasks that you would have missed out or would have had to do soon after you landed, for this way you wouldn’t only be up-to-date but would have cleared your schedule for once you land, for let’s face it, it’s no child play to work with jetlag. 

Moreover, you could always find a comfy seat with a view or in a quiet cafe to leisurely complete your task, which you might not get for a few hours after you land.   


Sure there are many other ways to keep you engaged, entertained, yet relaxed; if you can think of some, do share with us!