Economic Travel During Covid-19 in 2021 With Ride Transfer Direct

The last two years have been undoubtedly a difficult period for everyone, for varied reasons.

And now that the situation is a little in control, isn’t each one of us itching to take a short or a long holiday to relax, unwind and spend some leisure time? Besides, isn’t a break from everyday routine is an absolute need once in a while?

But first, to execute a good holiday, it’s important to plan an impeccable one. And to do so, the initial step requires deciding where would the vacation be? Within the country? Outside the country? Or do you prefer a staycation with the city?

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Given the recent times, it’s hard to plan out a vacation out of the country, as it involves getting the PCR tests, results, quarantine and not to forget the overall safety measures in addition to procuring a visa, booking tickets, etc. making the process difficult when you just want a hassle-free break.

Therefore, this leaves us with two other options – a vacation in your own country, to explore all the beautiful places on your bucket list. Or a staycation, touring your own city and its outskirts that you haven’t had a chance to do so earlier.


Now, a vacation within your own country requires you to decide which city/town in your country is a perfect spot – Do you want to go to a beach and chill or do you want to explore the mountains and hike? Which place can offer you a combination of a relaxing aura and wonderful sites to help you unwind?

Once that is decided, you now have to focus on the next big question – How do you plan to reach there? Will it be via a flight, a train journey, or a road trip in a car? Road trips definitely have their perks.

You enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Stopping for food, tea/coffee break, or appreciating the surroundings is easier on the road trip.

Another option is a staycation within your city. Doesn’t everyone want to see their city beyond the hustle-bustle every now and then? I bet, many of us would completely agree that we get so involved in our daily lives that we have barely seen the city we reside in.

A staycation is one wherein you can stay in the comforts of your own home without having to go through the hassle of finding and booking the right hotel, and from there you can be a tourist in your city and go visiting the places in and around where you live, and getting back home at the end of it.

A perfect combination of staying in and a vacation! And to make this possible, all you need is to arrange your ride, map out your places to visit, and coordinate the travel days.

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Whether you choose a holiday within the country or a staycation – it doesn’t get perfect until you sort out your commute. Sometimes renting a car is an obvious choice, and sometimes it’s not!

When you travel away from home, for pleasure, you will need a vehicle to help you get around, and relying on public transport might not be your best bet. Instead, you can land at your destination and book a car when you get there. It is usually the more economical and less cumbersome choice as public transport can often be unpredictable.

Here’s where Ride Transfer Direct comes in handy saving your time and your money.

With RTD, you get to pick from the widest and most exclusive range of cars and decide which one works best for you. You can see what features are offered in a particular car, the ones that give you better gas mileage, and is spacious enough for all your co-passengers and their luggage and decide if it is the perfect one for you and your family.

The hiring process too is hassle-free; you can easily make an online booking on the website. Depending on the number of people in your group/family, you could choose from their sedan, SUV, minivan, or minibus options that are currently available.

With Ride Transfer Direct, your pick and drop to the airport, or your ride for your road trip or the car you would use for your staycation isn’t a worry anymore.

All you need to do is, choose your destination, book your ride, start packing and start vacationing!

Visit our website and discover the moments that have defined us and made RTD an icon of elite class cars club across several major cities. For more information on RTD services do read our latest blogs and follow us on social media.