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How to travel as a vegetarian/vegan?

How to travel as a vegetarian/vegan?

Even on a backpacker’s budget, you shouldn’t let your dietary requirements keep you from seeing the globe. Traveling with nutritional limitations might be difficult. Numerous food bloggers and tour guides have lived as devout vegetarians, which has never prevented them from traveling. Today, we’ll provide advice on how to explore the globe as a vegetarian/vegan traveler.

As a vegetarian or vegan, the very first question you receive when you say you plan to travel the world is, “But, how do you eat?”

There’s a myth going around that it’s challenging to travel as a vegan or vegetarian because your food options may be limited or nonexistent. The opposite could not be further from the truth! No matter where you travel, whether you are traveling domestically or overseas, you can expect to encounter delicious food options and meals with a bit of forward planning and study.

–and to help you travel the way it suits you, we have some tips that might help you.

Ask for a vegetarian or vegan meal on the flight.

Numerous airlines provide meals for customers with dietary restrictions on lengthy flights, and some even give you the option to order a vegetarian or vegan meal whenever you purchase your ticket. 

Travel experts advise calling your carrier directly to learn about your choices if that isn’t the case with them. You should do this as soon as possible before your trip, of course.

Always travel with Non-perishable or packed Snacks

You should get a few wholesome foods on standby to keep you over in an emergency beforehand and when you get to your location. The transition from one filling meal to the next can be made more accessible with the aid of portable foods like whey protein and bars, energy bits, whole-grain snacks, granola, nut butter, and dried fruit.

Do Your Research

Start eating right away with a bit of guidance from neighborhood Meetup and Facebook groups for vegetarians and vegans, as well as Google and reviews. Part of the pleasure of travel is the excitement of discovery, but who says you can’t really make some of those revelations before you get there?

Download the HappyCow App was established in 1999 to assist users in locating plant-based meals all over the world. It now provides millions of hungry tourists with a searchable international directory of vegan and vegetarian eateries, travel advice, details on accommodations that welcome vegetarians, and the top-rated app for finding meat-free restaurants in more than 180 nations.

Pick up a Vegan Passport

Vegan passport

The objective of this booklet, which is about the same size as one’s international ID, is somewhat different. It provides one-page explanations of what vegans may and cannot consume in 79 other languages. The Passport can give precise instructions on your behalf when you lack the foreign language skills necessary to communicate your constraints to a server or chef.

Use Google Translate

The Google Translate app is a highly sophisticated tool that can produce textual translations for typed text, photos, and speech in more than 103 dialects (and counting). It will help you understand foreign menus, signage, and more. Is the Internet not available? You can download translated files for offline use in 59 different languages, so no worries.

– we should all be thankful to Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Vegan Hotels & Hostels

Vegan Hotels & Hostels

Have you ever visited a hostel or hotel that is vegan-only? The treat is lovely!

And what could be better than hopping out of bed and diving headfirst into a dish of vegan pancakes, french toast, or croissants? Nothing!

–If this persuades you, you can find vegan lodging options all over the world at Veggie Hotels.

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