Mastering the Art of Day Trips and Weekend Getaways

With everyone being so busy with their jobs or courses, or just any other everyday routines, we often find ourselves in desperate need of a little vacation or getaway. Sadly though, the everyday hassle usually doesn’t give one enough time to take a long break; however, that shouldn’t stop you from at least a weekend getaway or even a daycation!

And don’t underestimate the fun and merriment that can be attained from a simple day or weekend getaway in or around your city!

Your Exquisite “Daycation”

A day trip, frequently misunderstood as an unfulfilling undertaking, is often underestimated. However, a well-arranged day trip can re-energize you for the coming days and manage to give you a lifetime of memories to look back at and cherish.

All you have to do is get yourself to discover the delights that a simple getaway hides in its folds. And of course, not to forget, you deserve every bit of joy and relaxation that you can whip out!  


Here are a few effective tips to help you make it a day/ weekend to remember – 

  • Plan Your Course

Sure the idea of “let’s go where the road takes us” is fascinating, and it even leads to stunning revelations at times, but when you only have limited time in hand, it’s always best to have pre-made foolproof plans. Having a plan gives you an outline of your trip and not rigidity, sure you can still make spontaneous decisions, but a plan would help you eliminate distractions in a wider picture. Hence some research and investigation done before leaving are steered in the right direction.

Here’s what you should know before leaving – Where is it would you like to go? This could at least be sorting out whether it’s a historical destination, a mountainous region or a beach area or so on that you would like to go to. Next, figure out the distance and how long it will take you to reach there; this is one of the most vital questions that you would want to be answered before leaving, considering that you don’t have a lot of time in hand. Other points to be considered and researched to make sure you don’t end up wasting time would be; What are some panoramic detours? What is the shortest route to the destination, and what’s the alternate if that doesn’t work? Are there spots you need to stop at en-route?

  • Invite One or More Friends to Join You

A saying that walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. Solo trips are no doubt amazing, but the more, the merrier, right?! So plan it with someone you would enjoy spending time with.


  • Leave Nothing for the Last Minute 

Make a list if need be and get everything ready in advance, from what you would be wearing, to what to carry, bookings, and so on. Leave nothing to be done in the morning before you leave, for that, will only cause you to waste more time.  

  • Rise Early

A third of your 24-hour day is over by 8 a.m. So here’s a tip, leave before sunrise such that you can enjoy the dawn at someplace great en-route. And this way you would also have more time for sightseeing or whatever other fun/adventures activities that you have planned for yourself. 


  • Dress Well and Comfortably

You know what they say, “a good look is a good mood”, and undoubtedly you would want to start in your best mood and only enhance it as you reach. Oh, and not to forget, comfort comes first! Dress well and comfortably, keeping in mind your destination.  

  • Respect Your Goal

You could make the ride the goal, enjoying the long drive from this spot to that place and relishing more scenery than expected. Or you could choose a destination closer by and not tire yourself in the journey with lengthy rides. 


  • Put Together some Snacks

Though finding cafés isn’t very hard nowadays, but it’s still a good idea to have some snacks or even your lunch packed for the way. This way, you could choose to stop at some lovely scenic spot or beautiful picnic place and eat there. Otherwise, too snacks are a good idea for that way even if you are too engrossed in sightseeing that you miss out on good food joints you won’t completely mess with your health by at least having had some snacks to keep you going.

  • Scratch the Original Plan

Don’t forget that occasionally you have to throw away the original plan in favor of present opportunities. Be adaptable. What you have in reach at that moment might be unmissable while your original plan could wait for another trip. In such cases, let’s not be rigid; improvising isn’t really all that bad, after all!


  • Your Chauffeur

You can always choose to hire a car with a chauffeur from any of the many transport companies that offer the service, for this way all you have to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy. Sure if you enjoy driving and would want it to do it yourself that’s a good option too, while other options could include a bus, train or a two-wheeler, but, personally, we would suggest that there is no joy like that of the comfort and luxury that sitting in a chauffeured car provides! 

So on your next day-off or weekend, do consider exploring the beautiful destinations in and around your city and have a wonderful story to share when asked what did you do this weekend/ on the day-off? Oh, and of course some good clicks to share on social media is always an added delight 😉