5 Ways To Make Your Plane Journey More Comfortable

rest while travelling

Travelling is fun, relaxing, rejuvenating and incases profitable too. And indeed, a majority of us love it, but with joy comes one of the worst problems associated with both business and recreational travel, that is, jetlag and exhaustion. 

However, we have some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure you get a good rest and don’t end up too tired or sleep-deprived.


1. Dress Warmly, Regardless of the Weather

Dress Warmly

Comfortable clothes while traveling are a pointer that goes by without saying, but another dressing tip to go by while traveling is to dress warmly. Unless you get warm quickly, this will be a vital one, for the airplanes are pretty chilly, especially once you are up in the air for a couple of hours. And to add to it, the temperature often feels even lower when you aren’t moving around (which will most probably be the case), and those thin blankets certainly aren’t too much of a help.


2. Don’t Take the Coffee!

Don't Take Coffee!

The most tempting on-flight drink offers for most people is coffee or sodas; however, you should avoid these. Along with the caffeine robbing you of your sleep, it also can get you jittery, and indeed, that’s the last thing one would want during a flight. Hence, one must instead request fruit juice or some light snack.   


3. Bring a Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow

Well, we all know that the airplane seats aren’t the most comfortable, and the pillows offered are barely any help. In such times neck pillows act as the biggest blessings. These help sleep comfortably during long flights while also helping you avoid waking up with a painful crick in your neck. And as an additional bonus, a neck pillow around your neck is a silent indicator to the person sitting next to you that you’re not in a chatting mood! 


4. Put Some Music On

Music aeroplane

Pop in your earphones and put on something relaxing. This will help you cancel out the noises around, including crying babies and even stewards with their serving carts. Thereby helping you rest better. 


5. Make Sure Your Seatbelt is Locked and Visible

Seat belt flight

Indeed, you wouldn’t want to be disturbed or woken up every time the plane hits any turbulence. Therefore, in order to avoid so, ensure that you lock your seatbelt and that it is visible over your clothes and your blanket. Otherwise, the attendants will have no choice but to wake you up each time to ensure that your seatbelt is fastened. And indeed, you can’t blame them for its regulations, and they are just doing their job!


Studies show that it’s best not to interrupt your sleep schedule if you’re going to be away for less than a couple of weeks; if possible, try to continue going to sleep at the same time that you did at home. Thanks to hotel blackout drapes, this shouldn’t be too difficult!