6 Best and Worst Food to Eat Before Boarding a Flight

You don’t want to feel sluggish, bloated, or run down when you get off a trip, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. In an ideal world, you’d drink plenty of water and eat healthful, easily digestible foods.

However, because flight travel may be stressful, hectic, and long, you may not always be able to stick to a healthy diet.

And yes, contrary to the popular belief of many, flying on an empty stomach isn’t going to help you tackle air sickness; instead, it worsens the symptoms.

Hence, flying or even travelling, for that matter, on an empty stomach is a big No! 


So the next question that arises is what foods to consume and what to avoid that would make a significant difference during your travel.


Flying for some of us can be hectic as it is. Ease and comfort your experience by recognizing the best foods to eat before flying, leaving one more minor task off your travel to-do list!


Get the list of items to avoid and devour below so you’re not “that person” the next time you fly.


What should one avoid?

Here are the foods one must avoid before and while taking a flight.

foods you should avoid before taking a flight

  • Fatty/ Processed foods – Foods like Hamburgers, Pizza, French fries, or even nuts are loaded with fat and should be avoided for your journey to be smooth. It’s easy to devour a greasy meal while waiting for your flight. These foods are usually filled with sodium and can cause heartburn.


  • Beans – especially when on a long flight, any beans are a terrible idea.      


  • Garlic and Onion – Each one of us surely knows that bad breath and body odour are the most common problems that these two products majorly cause. Other than these, they also cause severe issues like heartburn, gastric, and bloating, which you wouldn’t want to deal with on a flight.


  • Spices – Any spices or spicy food is a big NO during travelling. From delectable curries to additional chillies on a pizza, spicy food is both a pre-and in-flight no-no. Spicy cuisine is known for being hard on the stomach, so hold off on the spice until you arrive at your destination to avoid body pain, strange stomach sounds, and numerous toilet breaks.


  • Carbonated drinks – Any aerated drink might keep you hydrated for a short while, but too much intake might make you gassy and bloated. Plus, it will make you want to use the restroom more than once, which would cause unease and rob you of time to rest or sleep.


  • Coffee – Though this temporarily energizes you, it causes dehydration, heartburn, and digestive issues, adding to the list of foods to avoid.


  • Alcohol – Alcohol is a dehydrator, and so are aeroplanes. The cabin air pressure is kept low, so you may find yourself being more dehydrated than usual. Alcohol only intensifies it. Additionally, beware that too much alcohol can get you banned from the flight as you could be deemed incompatible with flying or a security threat.

What should one consume?

Here are the foods one can eat before and while taking a flight.

foods you can eat before taking a flight

  • Water – Lots of it. While travelling on a long flight, you’re susceptible to some severe dehydration. It may not seem like the most excellent idea if you don’t want to keep getting up to use the bathroom, but it is worth it. Prepare your body by being proactive with your liquid intake, and you should feel a lot better when you arrive.


  • Fruits – This is one of the best options as it provides all the essential nutrients and at the same time keeps you full and hydrated. 


  • Light Salads – Any basic fruit/vegetable salad can be a good idea. You can include a small chicken/ tuna salad. Or fruit salad with rich oranges and berries that will consist of the essential nutrients + keep your hunger pangs at bay.


  • Greek yoghurts – Greek yoghurt is rich in protein and supplies gut-benefiting probiotics, having the ability to keep hunger at bay while regulating bowels. Add your favourite fruits as toppings, and this can be the perfect snack you need for a comfortable flight.


  • Lean Proteins – Including proteins is continuously encouraged in a well-balanced diet, even before flying and during the trip. Speaking of protein – lean chicken, turkey, fish are great options to keep you full for the flight, as well as keep your energy up. Load up on lean protein to keep yourself satisfied until landing.


  • Oats – Similarly, you should eat oats or oatmeal before a long flight if you want to get some sleep. Oats contain melatonin and tryptophan, which both help you fall asleep. Plus, they have plenty of fibre and carbs, helping to keep you full throughout your flight.


Lastly, remember that good food intake is an essential point and now that you have an eating template to feel good while travelling, get out there and explore.