10 Things to Know Before Going to Los Angeles

Things to Know Before Going to L.A.

Do you think it will be difficult for you to get to Los Angeles? This is a celebrity-studded town with beautiful weather and plastic perfection at every turn. Simply put, L.A. is a different universe. However, if you follow the few pieces of advice below while in L.A., you’ll look like a native.


  1.     Celebrities don’t hang out in Hollywood


You should be aware that celebrities rarely spend time in Hollywood; instead, they film there. Instead, you’ll find them in places like Beverly Hills, Studio City, Malibu, and Santa Monica. You can see them going to a meeting, going to the gym, shopping, or enjoying a cup of coffee in their everyday life. 


  1.     L.A. is really, really spread out

    Los Angeles

You can’t visit Los Angeles on the run. You must stay a few days at least and the best option is to find accommodations in centrally located West Hollywood. Choose hotels like the Sofitel and The London, situated strategically between the beach and downtown. The concierge will help you get usually impossible reservations at the most prestigious establishments in town.


  1.     L.A. has its own style

    Los Angeles

It appears to be a carefree image, yet people in L.A. work hard to achieve it. They go from T-shirts, jeans, and form-fitting yoga gear to high heels and formal clothes in a flash. If you’re looking for a fashion fix, head to Fred Segal in West Hollywood or Santa Monica and stock up on sleek, casual L.A. staples. 


  1.     L.A.’s weather is always nice

    Los Angeles

Visit the Griffith Observatory to take in the beautiful Los Angeles weather. The weather will be nice and sunny all day, but it will be cool at night. In L.A., layering is the way to go; bring a shawl, a sweater, or a lightweight jacket if you plan on spending a lot of time outside.

The dreary greyness of cloudy days at the beach for the entire month of June is known as “June gloom.” 


  1.     L.A. has amazing food

    Los Angeles food

Mac and cheese-covered eggplant parm, and gooey hamburgers are famous in other cities. However, in Los Angeles, the menu is considerably different, with light and healthful meals; gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, organic, or raw options are all available. For low-cost meals, juice bars and food trucks are excellent choices. 


  1.     If you spot a celebrity

    Celebs in Los Angeles

According to the unspoken politeness code, when you see a celebrity, you must be friendly and not point or take pictures with your phone. It’s a well-known fact that they are always shorter and thinner than they appear on television.

The Sunset Plaza, Robertson Boulevard, and The Chateau Marmont are all excellent spots to meet a star. 


  1.     Think no one walks in L.A.?

    Hiking in Los Angeles

You are incorrect in your assumption. People used to go hiking in Runyon Canyon (w  hich has valet parking) or “climbing the stairs” in Santa Monica on a regular basis. However, the majority of people will drive or be driven three blocks to a restaurant. 


  1.     Have it your way in L.A.

    food in Los Angeles

“I want it with no oil on the side, simply Paleo, no carbs,” waiters in L.A. are used to hearing. So don’t be scared to order precisely what you want, when you want it. 


  1.     L.A. is a company tow

    Entertainment in LA

Everyone here appears to work in or be associated with the entertainment industry. Your salesperson, waitress, or valet parker could be a budding playwright, model, musician, or actress. 


  1. Getting around

    Travelling in Los Angeles

The traffic in Los Angeles is notoriously bad. Everyone’s favourite response is “it takes about a half-hour” to go to almost any location, but don’t count on it. Always include some additional time in your schedule. The locals use a variety of applications to make getting about town easier. If you’re in L.A. for business, do what everyone else does and book Exclusive Sedan’s Sedan Service LA.


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