Terms and Conditions of Booking and Travel

1. Tech 360 LLC
1.1. Tech 360 LLC (“”) is a private company registered in Conneticut USA (company registration number xxxxxxx and its TAX registration number is xxxxxxx), whose registered and trading address is at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

1.2. is a booking service for passenger transport services (“the services”) at all times acting as the disclosed agent of the supplier specified at the time the services are booked (or the supplier providing the services, should this supplier be different to that specified at time of booking) and paid for by you and confirmed by (“the booking”). The terms and conditions applicable to the contract between you and the supplier are set out in the booking conditions of the relevant supplier. These are available on request. Since Hoppa acts as the disclosed agent for its suppliers, it cannot accept any liability arising from the provision of the services.

1.3. By arranging the services through us with the relevant supplier, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (as they may be modified and posted on our website or app from time to time) as well as other information contained on the website, app, email or any other form of electronic or written communication with you.