Top 5 Things You Should Know If You’re A First Time Traveller

Traveling for the first time can be a little challenging. It is one of the most exhilarating experiences that a person can experience. 


Along with being leisure, it also teaches multiple lessons, expands their horizons, and undoubtedly leaves them with many memories.


Be it a trip with family, friends, or a solo one, be it an experienced traveler or a first-timer, precise planning is a must-do, and the mixed emotions that follow are anticipatory.


Let’s check out the top 5 most common concerns that a first-time traveler has:

  1. Getting Lost

Getting lost is one of the most common fears that any first-time traveler has. It is a terrifying situation, with the panic starting to rise and the increase of heartbeat. This sure is a state none of us wants to be in, but it probably is also a state we all have been at least once in our lives. 


Earlier, one would have had to rely on a map from the wander around. Today, there is GPS in every phone and a smartphone in everyone’s hand, making things a lot easier with modern technology.


Make sure to download Maps on your phone before you leave and further download the offline map of the city you would be visiting. It won’t be more than 20 to 50Mb but would surely make your journey a lot smoother. Be it a road trip, a trip to a different city or country, this advice is indeed one to take.


Furthermore, always remember the name of your hotel or a landmark that can bring you back on the right track because this way, even if you have drained out the battery of your phone, you could always ask someone for directions and reach your destination.

Lost while travelling using GPS

  1. Losing your Belongings


Another problematic situation and quite a disheartening one too would be to lose your belongings amidst your trip. 


And hence this becomes a significant concern for those traveling. Being scammed and mugged is one of the most common issues faced by tourists. 


Therefore, you need to know how to handle the situation. 


To do so, the first step to be taken is to look for the nearest police station and file a complaint about your missing item.


Another necessary step one needs to take to avoid such a manifestation is to:


Avoid carrying expensive items while traveling.


Avoid wearing jewelry, but if you are, then be very mindful of it and keep it safe.


Everyone has a phone today, but that doesn’t mean you keep waving it around carelessly. It is a common habit for everyone who wants to take a selfie or keeps vlogging themselves, and this is where you have to be most careful.


Get insurance. If you are carrying any valuable items with you, make sure you have them insured.


Don’t carry too much cash, instead take a card or a traveler’s cheque. It is safer and easier to move, but in this case, too, one has to be very cautious of where and how they keep it.


Lastly, it’s not always that you will be mugged. Sometimes it simply could be that you have misplaced your items. 


For this, the most vital step is to remain calm, not put others in panic and check everywhere you can, and ask for help from people and guides/ hosts around.

Losing your luggage while travelling in airport

  1. Getting Sick

Getting sick is one thing that can surely get you and those traveling with you bummed. Few things that you can do to avoid this are:


Do a check-up before you leave. Especially if it’s an overseas journey, you want to get a routine test done before the travel date.


Most travelers are so busy sightseeing that they skip their meals. Still, one needs to remember that getting your nutrition is as necessary for a delightful trip.


Keep yourself hydrated. One cannot stress enough the importance of this, especially while traveling. So do carry a bottle of water with you and have a drink of it every little while.


Sunburns are another common problem faced by tourists. Make sure you carry sunscreen and apply it about 30 mins before you leave your hotel, and re-apply every 2 hours or so. 


Remember, even if it’s not sunny, the UV rays are still a prevailing danger, so do not neglect to apply a good layer of protection.


Do not forget to carry your medicines. If you are on prescription or have any drugs you mainly consume, do make sure to bring those along. 


Though it isn’t hard to find a pharmacy in any part of the world, the last thing you would want to do is look for one instead of sightseeing.


If you are traveling via plane, jetlag is expected. Otherwise too, long travels via any means of transport get tiring. The biggest mistake you could make is not giving yourself time to relax and recover from the tiredness, which can become a reason for elongated sickness.


Also, suppose you are going on a cruise. In that case, seasickness is prevalent, so in this case, too, rest well, intake the necessary pills, and do not excite yourself. Remember, there’s nothing good rest can’t cure.

Getting sick while travelling during Covid 19

  1. Language Barrier

If you are traveling to another country or city, it is natural to have a language barrier. 


Not everyone speaks your tongue. And of course, it’s not easy to learn an entirely new language just before you leave. 


Still, you could always learn a few essential words, slang, and conservatory phrases, this will not only make your travel and time out there more straightforward and more convenient, but would also add to the fun factor and the whole experience, plus isn’t it amazing to learn a new language?


However, thanks to modern technology, this isn’t too big of a problem. There is access to a language translator on everyone’s phone, which makes things easy.

Transportation while travelling asking for direction language barrier

  1. Accommodation and Transportation

Another critical factor is where you would stay and how you would travel. However, this isn’t that big a concern, granted you have pre-planned your trip. The initial most steps if you would wish to travel are to find out:


Whether the place you are planning to visit requires a visa.  If yes, the next step is to know whether it’s an on-arrival one or would you have to procure it in advance. And if it’s the latter, unquestionably, the next step would be applying for the same.


Step 2, booking your flight tickets. Make sure to compare the prices and services before you book. A long transit, uncomfortable rides, and hefty amounts are a No!


Next, book a hotel. The digital world has made it easy to find, compare and make a booking from even miles away, so make sure you take advantage of this blessing.


The most common mistake made by tourists is spending a hefty amount on hotels. This mostly happens when the bookings are made at the last minute or after reaching the destination, so avoid that.


Next, make sure you look through and find routes that help you reach your destinations. Google maps can be a huge help here, and this step would help you from being deceived. 


Also, look for the most accessible modes of transport that the city offers, whether the local bus, metro, or other.


However, Ride Transfer Direct can help here as it could be your ride to and fro the airport and via your tour.


Other common concerns include the fear of missing the flight, losing the baggage, money not being sufficient, and so on. But these too are disquieted that can simply be avoided by being mindful and vigilant. 


Finally, remember that traveling is one of the most relaxing activities, so don’t make it one that causes stress and simply pack light, mellow down, just go with the flow, be adventurous, enjoy and make lots of memories!