The Ultimate Travel Packing Hacks for Everyone

Whether you’re visiting home/friends/relatives for the holidays or taking a much-needed vacation, there is travel—and, therefore, the ever-daunting task of packing.  Wouldn’t it be great to skip directly to the part where you can enjoy all these things and not have to worry about packing?

While we can’t do your packing for you and spare you the difficulty, we did round up the ideal packing hacks/ small guide to make this process and your life easier. Well, you know what they say -Preparation is half the battle for an expert packer.

Without further ado, here are +5 packing hacks that will make your travels easier – 


1- Make a List 

Have you ever left on a trip only to realize you left one or more essential items at home? Depending on what is forgotten, it can possibly ruin a long-planned vacation. Here’s how to make sure that you never forget anything – MAKE LISTS. 


Make a list of all the essentials you need to carry depending on the kind of trip a week or two before you travel.


 Check off each item as you put it into the suitcases or the car. Then the night before the trip, go back with this list and double-check everything.


This gives you the idea. And, the lists can be altered to fit each person’s needs or the kind of trip.

Travel list during covid

2- Use the roll-up method


Once you know what you want to carry, it’s time for packing.


So if you haven’t tried/heard about the roll-up method to pack your clothes before, now’s the time that you learn about this brilliant hack. Or, If you already roll your clothes to pack them, you’re halfway along the road to becoming a savvy traveler and packing pro. 


Rolling your clothes creates neat little packages that fit well in your cases. 


It also reduces wrinkles depending on the material/fabric. Rolled garments also fit better in your suitcase. You can squeeze small items into all those nooks and corners where nothing else will fit.

Packing together

3- The Bag balancing Act


Has it ever happened that your bags kept tripping over? Ever realized why that happens? Well, the reason is that your belongings inside aren’t balanced outright.


Sort out your items by weight and size and start from the bottom. Place the heavy and bulky items such as your shoes and additional bag first. Don’t waste any space: fill them with lighter and smaller items such as socks and undergarments.

Are you done with optimizing the space of the first layer? Then move on to your clothes: they will make up for part of the middle layer. We’ve described how exactly they should be packed in the above: roll, don’t fold. Place your fragile items between your clothes, preferably in zip bags.

Keep the upper layer for the items of lighter fabric such as shirts and the ones you will have to take out during the security check, such as your electronics.

Packing shoes for travel

4- Remember your essentials while packing


There are always things that you would need instantaneously, like of-course your

passport and ticket, but other than that, you would need other essentials as well, right? 


 There are a few items you should always keep with you. Essential travel documents like your passport, ID, boarding pass, insurance cards, face masks, sanitizers, credit cards, and copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card should always stay with you in your personal item. Pricey items like cameras, SD cards, and laptops as well, and your itinerary should be stowed safely in your carry-on.


Finally, don’t forget to pack items to pass the time during your journey. Things like headphones, books will keep you entertained for however many hours you’re traveling. Make sure to load up your device with podcasts, music too.

Covid travel essentials

5. Bring the Necessities

Well, let’s admit it, we all over-pack! In order to avoid this, here’s a tip that we picked up. It’s this particular rule that was detailed on Lifehacker. 

  • Hat
  • Pairs of shoes
  • Pairs of pants
  • Shirts/dresses
  • Pairs of socks
  • Pairs of undergarments

This truly has made packing so much easier for most of us. It’s a great combination and easier to remember.

Necessities Travel

  1. Avoid Mixing in Dirty Laundry

If you stay at multiple destinations or are out for a long trip, you would indeed have relatively more clothes. The last thing you would want is your unworn, new clothes to smell old or get dirty simply because they were mixed with dirty laundry. To avoid this, carry a laundry bag or use the ones that any hotel usually provides. The laundry bag is a simple and inexpensive way to separate your dirty laundry while traveling and saves you from mixing the dirty wear with the fresh ones.

It will probably take you a few trial rounds to find your perfect organization, but you’re halfway through becoming an expert on how to pack a carry-on for a week or so! You only need practice now, and that’s the fun part, so rejoice!

Feel free to let us know your own packing tips! 

See you around, traveler!