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The Great American Bucket list

The Great American Bucket list

The United States is brimming with wonderful places, activities, sights to see, and foods to consume, don’t you agree with me. Because the United States is made up of not one but 50 states, there is no scarcity of activities to do when you’re visiting.


But you don’t have to worry about that, since we filtered down the most famed, iconic, historical, and exciting parts of the nation to 10 must-do places/activities, including national parks and sites, ballparks, coastlines, and incredible road trips.


Without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are some of the top Bucket list items we’ve chosen as “must-dos” when visiting the United States.


Northern Lights in Alaska    


Northern Lights in Alaska


Alaska is the most stunning bucket list location in the United States for gazing in amazement at the aurora borealis (called the Northern Lights). This ultimate magic can be seen during the darkest nights of every year. 


—The sky must be completely dark for them to be visible. 


The Northern Lights begin to appear around the middle of September and last until the end of April. Fairbanks is one of the best sites in Alaska to watch the Northern Lights. Numerous wonderful tours transcend the Arctic Circle and discover Alaska’s unspoiled and unmissable wilderness.


Mardi Gras 


Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras is the place to be if you like to party! New Orleans has spectacular festivities, parades with extravagant floats, king cake, and plenty of beads every year. Whatever you think you know about Mardi Gras, you’re probably correct!


Burning Man


Burning Man


Not everybody has it in them to attend Burning Man! Art, compassion, forgiveness, and profound self-reliance are central to the experience. You must establish friends with other attendees and bring whatever you need to sustain life in the sweltering desert for a week. However, if you ask individuals who have been there, many return visitors guarantee that you’ll enjoy the experience.


So do you believe you’ve got what it takes to become a burner?


Visit Disney World


Disney World


It’s impossible to make a bucket list of places to visit in the United States and not include Disney World. For decades, Disney movies and television shows have been household staples. So experiencing a park that brings the legendary events and characters to life only makes sense.


Going to Disney World is an experience that everyone should have. It truly is a dream, from the exquisite food to the entertaining rides, plays, characters, and overall feeling of enjoyment.


Walk on Golden Gate Bridge 


Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge is a staple for any visitor to San Francisco. It is a must-see, whether you walk beneath it, cruise across it, ride on a boat beneath it, or see it from afar.


Begin in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, cross the bridge, wave to Alcatraz, and finally finish  at the Golden Gate Park. Oh, and take a cable car after all that walking. It’s San Francisco, after all!


Horseshoe Bend


Horseshoe Bend


Horseshoe Bend, located in Page, Arizona, is a beautiful arc of the Colorado River, filled with breathtaking views.


Since it is not a highway attraction, you will just have to walk there. The walk from the parking area is roughly 3/4 mile, but it is well worth it for the vista!


Havasu Falls


 Havasu Falls


While Havasu Waterfall is a prominent bucket list location in the United States, getting there won’t be easy! The hike is around ten miles one way with a 2,400-foot elevation difference. The payoff, on the other hand, is spectacular.


Even if you are willing to hike, you must obtain a permit, which is constantly in high demand since the falls are on private ground owned by the Havasupai Indian Tribe. Another factor to consider is that, due to the rigorous nature of the trip, the Tribe asks tourists to spend the night and stay overnight in the canyon, calling this a “one-day experience.


Las Vegas


Las Vegas


The sparkle and splendor of Las Vegas’ lights are breathtaking. There is no other city like Vegas, making it an excellent USA dream list destination. Gambling, dining, and entertainment are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


But if that’s not your thing, Las Vegas has a lot more to offer! World-class entertainment, celebrity eating, proximity to numerous National Parks, spas for days, and various other wacky activities such as boarding a rollercoaster ride on top of a building!


Catch a Broadway Show in New York City 


Broadway Show in New York City


If you can’t obtain Hamilton tickets (don’t worry, almost no one can), go to the TKTS booth in Times Square for the same affordable show tickets to something, then take your compulsory “NYC baby!” photo and get on with it. Attempting to embrace all of New York’s grandeur is like keeping pace with every dating app; it’s nearly impossible.


Focus on the highlights: have a pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and wander through SoHo and Greenwich Village.


Stroll the French Quarter in New Orleans


French Quarter in New OrleansThe Great American Bucket list


New Orleans is among the most historic and fascinating cities across the United States, making it a popular tourist destination.NOLA has a lot of fun, culture, and unique things to do that you can’t find anywhere else. Prepare to be enchanted by this beautiful city with the quintessential New Orleans dream!


If you didn’t already know, New Orleans is host to a plethora of events, the most famous of which being Mardi Gras. And this isn’t it; New Orleans has also gained the titles “Crescent City” and “Big Easy” over the years.


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