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7 Tips on Planning the Perfect Gay-Friendly Vacation

7 Tips on Planning the Perfect Gay-Friendly Vacation

No matter who you are or what you do, everyone deserves to have a wonderful vacation. But planning a vacation can be daunting. Where to go? Where to stay? What to take? How do you even begin? Ah… so many questions!

On top of that, if you are looking for a gay-friendly vacation, things get a little trickier than usual.

But that does not mean it’s not doable. It’s definitely doable! Pride month or not, having a fun time and exploring foreign places should be exactly what you get. So, here are our 7 tips on planning the perfect gay-friendly vacation that your soul is aching for! 

(PS: “Gay” is used as an umbrella term in this article. It applies to all and any members of the LGBTQIA+ community.)

Tip Number #1 – Pick Gay-Friendly Places

If you already have ideas about where you want to visit, google its LGBTQ+ laws. If you don’t know where you want to go, search for gay-friendly places specifically. It’s difficult to enjoy a vacation if you don’t feel at least welcome in the area. So, do your research and make plans accordingly!

Tip Number #2 – Prepare A Budget

7 Tips on Planning the Perfect Gay-Friendly Vacation

How much do you want to spend on travel costs? Food? Accommodation? For any vacation, a budget is a must. There are many kinds of budgets you can have, but the most important one is for traveling and food. Find the average cost of traveling to the places you’ve chosen. Find out the prices of food there. With such information, you can prepare yourself and set aside the money for this vacation.

Tip Number #3 – Choose An Efficient Way To Travel

Not all traveling modes are the same, cost-wise, and time-spent-wise. Look at all the available options to reach your vacation spot (ground, air, water; all of them). Finally, pick a mode of travel that would be more comfortable, more affordable, and quicker for you. Don’t forget to take your personal preferences into account. Are you okay with spending a long time traveling? Are you okay with a little expensive ticket for a more comfortable and quick journey? 

Tip Number #4 – Pick Gay-Friendly Accommodations

7 Tips on Planning the Perfect Gay-Friendly Vacation

Most of the time, gay-friendly places have gay-friendly accommodations. However, it’s more reassuring to know that the accommodation is explicitly gay-friendly. Just another confirmation for a more enjoyable and fun time!

Tip Number #5 – Plan With Flexibility

Vacations can get hectic with and without a plan. Have a vague idea of what you want to do at the vacation spot. Go to the beach. Enjoy an outdoor activity. Have some activities planned with room for changes. Flexibility allows for more room to rest, and room to explore. You can dive into the local culture better, and who knows, maybe get better at the local language too!

Tip Number #6 – Find Gay-Friendly Local Activities

7 Tips on Planning the Perfect Gay-Friendly Vacation

This is for vacation spots that aren’t explicitly gay-friendly, with their laws, or accommodations. In places where there is a neutral stance about the LGBTQ+ community, there are usually gay-friendly places and activities that you can enjoy. Bars, cafes, and more. Many countries have different months when they celebrate the existence of the LGBTQ+ community (February in Britain, June in America, and September in India), so you might get to see or visit a festival too.

Tip Number #7 – Have Safety Measures

Traveling anywhere comes with risks. Have all the required IDs and documents with you. Get locks for your suitcases and keep only the required amount of cash on you. A quick and easy way to increase safety during your trip would be to do your research and pack as light as possible.

In The End – 

A perfect gay-friendly vacation is all about knowledge, safety measures, and having fun. Vacations are great stress relievers, even if you don’t enjoy the traveling part of it much. On vacations, you get to kick back, explore and try exciting new things. But the best part of vacations is the memories you make. So be sure to make a ton of them! 

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